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Rollercoaster Toys, also known as bead toys or busy bead toys, have been around for years because they are a proven classic. These rollercoaster toys were originally invented to help developmentally disabled children learn and master fine motor skills. They have been proven to do not only that, but entertain and teach normally developing children through fun play! These busy bead toys range in size and come in a variety of shapes. Some of them are equipped with suction cups as well for added stability or high chair play. These were the first Rollercoaster wire bead maze frames to be manufactured and distributed in the United States and North America.

Our Rollercoaster Busy Bead Toys have been awarded the Parents' Choice Classic which recognized the Rollercoaster as the Original. The Rollercoaster is also a Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Winner.

These toys are designed to help your child master fine motor skills, sensory development, problem solving and more on any table top or floor. Fun for all ages!