We now ship to Canada!

For too long we have been saying we cannot ship to Canada and that it is too expensive.

We are pleased to announce that as a result of working closely with UPS to find a solution, we are now able to expand our shipping network into the Canadian marketplace.

Please read the shipping method and requirements below for UPS shipping to Canada. The rules may seem complex and tricky at first, as you will be required to pay extra fees directly to the UPS driver when the driver drops off your packages, but the methods and requirements are actually pretty simple.

You choose what you would like to buy and check out as usual, but select Canadian shipping from the check out choices when asked. There is a shipping fee included with your purchase which will cover packaging, palleting (if necessary), customs forms and everything needed to get the package to you. Once the package / packages get to you, you are responsible for the following taxes/fees, which must be paid to the UPS driver at the time of delivery (COD).

Please note, by Canadian regulations, these fees cannot be prepaid by you or us and are due when your order is delivered.

1) There is a flat fee of $10 (for up to $299.00 USD of merchandise) When prices exceed $299.00 USD there is percentage added to the flat fee, but you will need to call for this cost for now, as UPS has not yet provided the rate schedule.

2) Duty/VAT Taxes to be paid at a rate 6.5%

I have prepared an example based on a shipment of a deluxe Mini Play Cube to Alberta, Canada T6N 1M3:

$129.99 Customer cost
+33.83 shipping / handling fees customer pays upfront
Then, upon arrival $10 flat fee (Customer pays to UPS driver)
+$8.45 (6.5% Duty/VAT Taxes customer pays to UPS driver)

The cost you are responsible for paying is $163.82 USD to have your package sent to you in Canada.

Please note again that you, as the customer, need to pay the charges estimated of $18.45 (flat fee + taxes) to the UPS driver AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY.